The Necropath

The Necropath is a series of novels (two volumes finished, a third nearly complete, and four more planned, as well as six novellas that frame them, called liaisons) that deal with a woman scorned, the man who treats her feelings frivolously, and the rage, part natural, part supernatural, that can wreak havoc in its wake.

Because the energy involved in this story is intense, it draws many characters into it, people, and creatures that otherwise may not become involved with our lead cast..

The saga is ambitious, in that it weaves together universal themes such as love, betrayal, murder, jealousy, and the need to start over, in a playing field that includes supernatural beings such as witches and vampires.

Additionally, in the saga’s world, death is by no means what we had thought it was. The afterlife in The Necropath involves a period of reflection following death, then a choice of how to exist going forward. Some choose to explore and learn from other “Passengers” in the place they call the Necrosphere, some choose to create a new reality in this place. Still others decide to reincarnate, to choose new lives for themselves, here among us.

Others however don’t accept this order of things. Determined to maintain their most recent identity, and to force their way back across the Necropath, they learn that this journey has some unexpected consequences… Certain physcial and mental changes take place, resulting in a creature that, despite having all the person’s memories, is something other than human. A Necros. A creature that formed the basis of the vampire legend. There are not many Necros worldwide, but those that exist live in the shadows, feeding in darkness, on the blood of the living.

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