The Necropath Book III: Darksongs

DarksongsIn Book III: Darksongs, Melissa has fully embraced her altered existence. Her romantic nature, and obsession with control make this an exciting way to make her life what she truly wants.

But as loves are lost and found around her, new alliances emerge which threaten not only her desires, but also the very existence of the human race. Always the romantic, Melissa reasons that if the world is to be without love, what use is it anyway? Why not bring the whole world down, to immerse it in her Dark Song, and to punish Fate for denying her yet again her Intended, her One True Love.

Amidst this torrential flood of passions and destruction, her closest friend, her cousin Abby, is renewed by finding love of her own. But what the two of them do to get answers about Gothic the Necros will change them both until they no longer recognize themselves.

Can Steven and Abby find what brought them together in the first place? Can Melissa either force Fate’s hand or punish it for denying her? Will the Dark Songs play in our world forever?

Coming Winter, 2017

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