The Necropath Book II: Bloodsongs

In Book II: Bloodsongs, we find that the unspeakable has happened – secrets that once provided safety have been stripped bare.

Melissa, slave to her passion, and to her determination to make her Intended, her One True Love, need her as she needs him, has failed. He has rebelled against her influence, as magical as it is feminine in its power. Though she has never been one to accept what Fate has given her. Melissa is a powerful woman, and even more so powerful in the Family Magic. She finds a way to bring David to his senses, to make him him return to her.


But the price of this is blood. She pays what she initially believes is the ultimate price. Only to find that there is still further sacrifice. She gladly makes it, understanding that her goal, her dream, must come true, and that it is worth paying any price at all

Melissa has never been a woman to be trifled with. Nor has she been one whose affections should be toyed with. And perhaps now, her powers greater than ever before, it is even more dangerous than before to say “no” to Melissa Thornhardt. Now as she begins to sing a Blood Song.

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3 thoughts on “The Necropath Book II: Bloodsongs

    • My apologies, Holly, for both answering so late, and for delaying release. No, Bloodsongs required some reworking last year due to a story arc that is going to extend through the next four books in the series. it is in final editing only now, and should be on Amazon within the next two weeks. I hadn’t seen your message earlier, as I’ve been far too lax in checking this site as well. My very sincere apologies, and I can at least promise you that, all rhetoric, promotional-speak, and excitement aside, this book is far better than Nightsongs. Thank you for the question, and I do promise to make it up to you. I’m also going to be providing updates via Twitter (@MastersAuthor), if you use that tool.

  1. One thing I should mention is that in making all the required edits, I found ways to shift pieces of the story into another volume. Both The Necropath 1.666: A Woman Thorned, and 3: Darksongs, are very close to finished already. One or both will be out in the next few months.

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