Welcome to the ‘Path!

Welcome to The Necropath, home of suspense author Christian Masters.

I am fascinated by how the supernatural is merely an extension of our normal, everyday experiences.

My first series of novels center around Melissa, a woman who is obsessed with finding (and keeping) true love. Her tragedy is that she repeatedly finds men she believes to be “the One”, only to learn that she was mistaken. She considers this a sadistic series of tricks Fate has been playing on her, and she fights back with her “family magic”. Coming from a long line of powerful witches, she leverages her skills to defy Fate. Now that she has found David, she will not let go.

Even though David himself doesn’t want her — beyond their sexual adventures. When he attempts to stop her, he begins to see just how determined she really is. If Fate could not stop her, neither could any mere man.

What she doesn’t realize yet is that some experiences can change us in ways we could not have imagined. In our wildest nightmares.

Alongside this story is a group of David’s friends, supernatural thrill-seekers, fascinated by the extraordinary. When Melissa enters their lives, it will prove to be more dangerous and frightening than anything they could have dreamed.

Please also visit my author page at Amazon.com, my Facebook page, and while you’re there, check out the fan pages for Nightsongs and Gothic Immortal!

I also share thoughts and updates, keeping in touch by Twitter – find me at @MastersAuthor.

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