The Necropath Book I: Nightsongs

Necropath 1 - Nightsongs cover art roseIn Book I of the Necropath series, we meet our core cast of characters, and learn where a Necros named Gothic crosses their paths.

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Gothic is the prototypical mythical vampire. Yet unlike the mythical vampire, “Goth” is very real, quite vicious, and longing for violence with his blood.

We also first meet Melissa Thornhardt, heiress to a long, powerful and wealthy family line.

Though in addition to beauty, brilliance, power, and wealth, Melissa takes part in other family traditions, notably the Family Magic. She is a very skilled witch, and uses her powers to influence the world around her.

No one in her family is accustomed to being told “no”. But this is especially true of Melissa, who bends reality, the will of others, their thoughts, their experiences, to her own bidding.

And with this power, she draws her Intended, her true love.

For what Melissa wants most is true love. She has sought it, dueled Fate for it, and now is certain she has found The One, her Intended.

Successful and ruthless real estate developer David Garrison is a playboy, as committed to debauchery as was his father. He enjoys Melisa’s passion, but not her obsession. He soon wants to be rid of her as much as she wants all of him. He recognizes her presence when he hears her “night songs” playing, a soundtrack to her intense passion and limitless tenacity. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.

And hell has never dreamed of a woman like Melissa Thornhardt.

What Melissa lacks is the mental and emotional stability to wield her power with precision and care. Collateral damage has always followed in her wake, though now the destructive side effects are greater, and more dangerous than ever…to everyone in her world,.

The inevitable collision of Melissa’s and David’s wills is the classic story of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

And where their paths cross that of Gothic, all hell breaking loose would be putting it gently. What happens next may destroy them both, as well as anyone close to them — perhaps even tearing the very fabric separating the Living from the Dead, Day from Night, Living from the Living Dead.

Second edition released in August, 2017!

One thought on “The Necropath Book I: Nightsongs

  1. Yes, in answer to a question left by one of you magnificent readers (I sincerely appreciate you all very much), the second edition of Nightsongs does add a little. There is some expanded content as well as a fuller development of a small storyline. As the rest of the Necropath series unfolds, that smaller storyline became much more important and warranted a fuller treatment. Though no, I haven’t changed any of the core story at all. That would be unfair and a violation of our unspoken contract. I hope you enjoy it, and please continue to send me messages here, as well as directly on Twitter (@MastersAuthor). I will continue to reply to all that I can.

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