The Necropath Book I.66: A Woman Thorned – A Young Witch’s Primer…

A Woman Thorned – A Young Witch’s Primer on Love, Revenge, and Punishing Others to Gain All She Ever Wanted, Including Her One True Love. This novella A Woman Thorned coveror liaison, between Books I and II, tells the story of Melissa Thornhardt, powerful witch and heiress, developing into the magical, romantic and force of feminine nature that she is. From her early days in the French Alps to the story of Miguel, the matador that Fate dangled over her, taunting her with true love, only to deny her as it always has,  to her Going Beyond and seeing her future in Chicago, and her true Intended, the man all others helped prepare her for, David Garrison.

Ecstasy…and betrayal…

Every woman has been there. Every man has taken a woman there.

Though this is one woman who will not become a victim…  Even if it kills her.

Coming Fall, 2017

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